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Not just for non-profits anymore.

Recent events have been hard-hitting for small businesses and organizations who are now trying to cover necessary expenses. We want to help. These are your next three steps, and

they won't cost you a dime.

  1. Send us your company logo, artwork (up to 3 colors), and preferred t-shirt color*.

  2. We create a web page on our site with product mockups (at no cost), and you decide how long to keep it open (we recommend a week, or two if needed).

  3. You promote the fundraiser.​

Once you sell 50 shirts, you make $10 a shirt*. We will print them within 15 business days and ship them out for you. Then we cut you a check. 


Let's continue to support the small businesses and organizations in our area. There's no way to lose if we work together, so let's raise some funds! Please send logo/artwork or questions to

*BELLA+CANVAS 3001 100% cotton tees.

*If you sell less than 50 shirts, we will adjust the profit share to cover our added costs.

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