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How to Dig Deep & Find Your Daily Motivation

Here at Motivate Me Apparel, we're all about the Hustle.

But where a lot of people get hung up, is where and how that hustle, drive, and inner motivation for each and every day can be found.

So today we want to bring you our very best, no fluff ways to find YOUR daily motivation. There are 2 very important tools you're going to need for this: your favorite writing tool, and a small notebook! (Important, but not expensive = win/win.)

The very first step is to:

Find Your Why

The biggest source of motivation is to take just a few minutes today and find your why. Don't worry, you don't need to book an appointment with a doctor or find any plane of enlightenment. Instead just find a quiet spot or turn on your favorite music softly. Grab a writing tool and your notebook. Turn off all your screens. Now, sit for a few moments and think. Answer these questions:

What in my life puts a smile on my face? (Thought starters: Family, Friends)

What do I want to accomplish that would make me feel amazing? (Goals, hobbies, bucket list, level of success)

Guess what? You just found your why! These things and people are your motivation for getting up and crushing your work every single day.

Find Your How

It's easy to find your why, but how do you find the motivation to reach those crazy dreams when real life is so. freaking. hard?

There are a few simple but essential steps and tools.

Self-Awareness is huge and essential. Knowing and understanding where you are in life and what has to be done to get to where you WANT to be can spell the difference between success and disaster. Be honest about your strengths, and your weaknesses. If you need help, find a trusted friend to help you figure them out. Once you have a solid list, commit to going ALL IN on your strengths, and disregard your weaknesses.

Next, it's time to come up with your top goals in whatever area of life you need to hustle in on the most. In the same notebook, write down 3-5 specific and attainable goals. There is something about physically writing out your goals in your own handwriting that mentally keeps you aware and accountable.

Remember, remember, remember

At first, it's going to feel amazing. You've found your why, you've written out your goals, and you're all set to rock your strengths.

Then life happens. At times it's going to feel hard, nearly impossible. You're going to be slammed with curve-balls and knocked down. But never give up. Keep your notebook on hand wherever you spend most of the day, like on your desk. Use it to write down ideas, thoughts, and successes you have, plus any motivational messages you come across that speak to you. When the hard times come go back to it and re-focus on your why, your how, and the wealth of information you have stored in there.

We hope these tips will help you find your daily motivation! And always remember to...

Dream Big Work Hard & Stay Humble

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